Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

The insides of a home are usually marred with indoor air pollutants such as viruses, dirt, dust, mold spores, bacteria, allergens, and plenty of other contaminants found in the air. As you can guess, these pollutants can aggravate respiratory diseases and infections, especially in children and older individuals.

Do you want a healthy and comfortable house? You should take the indoor air seriously and start working on improving it.

At Ahura Air Heating and Cooling, we believe you deserve the best air quality, and this is why we provide a wide range of indoor air quality services that fit your climate and lifestyle.

Some of the indoor air quality services we provide include:


Most homes require some moisture to be comfortable. Low humidity levels lead to cracked hardwood floors, dry skin, and many other problems.

If you have had low humidity levels, our technicians will help with adding humidifiers to strategic areas of the house so that you have the right amount of moisture in the house.

Besides installing the humidifiers, the technicians will also maintain the humidifiers and replace them when they reach the end of their life.

UV lights

UV lights destroy most microorganisms passing through the heating and cooling system by breaking up their DNA structure, leaving you with healthy, microbe-free air.

Again, our technicians help with finding the ideal area to place the lights so they capture as many microbes as possible. Before installing the UV lights, our technicians thoroughly inspect the house and determine where to place the lights and the number they should install.

It’s only after the inspection that they proceed with the installation.

Like with humidifiers, our technicians regularly inspect the lights and replace those burnt out.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers work by pulling microbes, gasses, odors, particulates, and chemical fumes from the air. As you can tell, when there are no pollutants in the air, you have fresh, healthy air to breathe.

Our indoor air quality technicians inspect your house and help you find the ideal purifier for the house. For example, if you have plenty of pet dander, pollen, and other allergens circulating the house, the technicians help you find the ideal HEPA filters.

Are odors the main problem? Our air quality techs help you find the perfect ozone or carbon filter for the house.

Let us improve your home’s indoor air quality.

As mentioned above, we want the best air quality for your house.

We ensure that your home is comfortable and has plenty of breathable, healthy air when you use our services.

Contact us today, and we’ll help make your home’s indoor air the cleanest and healthiest it can be.

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